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       SYSFORM LM-360AF

Auto feeding system
Tabletop hot roll laminating machine,designed for professional usage in school, office, 
copy center, graphic printing shop, and so on. 
It is suitable for photos, pictures, documents, inkjets, prints, posters, etc. 
(1)8-bit microprocessor control system 
(2)Hot roll technology
(3)Hot and cold laminating for different need 
(4)Digital display system 
(5)Adjustable speed according to different materials 
    Adjustable temperature control for various film thickness and different materials 
(6)Reverse button removing jammed films
(7)Tension control on film mandrel 
(8)Metallic construction for durability.
(9)Function:Anti-curling device,perforating dvice

Laminating Speed                   200-1600 mm/min
Laminating Width                    340mm
Laminating Thickness              5mm
Operating Temperature(C)      0-140
Heating Method                       Hot roll
Core Size (in.)                          1" & 3"
Power Consumption                 650W
Power                                      115V/60Hz   230V/50Hz
Weight                                     50kg

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